Kururu & Tororo Multipurpose Blog

What this blog is for:
- Art Requests of Kururu and or Tororo. If you want to request something, send it through my ask box. =) If I like your idea enough, expect to see it up.
- Art tips and critiques. Looking for help with non-human anatomy, shading, style, or just looking for new tricks and methods? Shoot me a question and I'll see if I can help. Or you might want to try the official Keroro Art Help Blog.
- Photoshop and Illustrator help. I'm pretty well versed with Photoshop and am happy to help if you're having trouble with any tools (or want to know how to do certain things). Illustrator I don't know as well, but if you want to learn more about how to draw with my style using these two programs, ask me!
- Roleplaying. I only roleplay prose-style and in private, so not on Tumblr.

My Deviant Gallery: clicky
Friend's Art Dump: the password is afrogunso

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